Little Praisers provides a safe, loving, and encouraging environment for your little one to learn God's word. They will dance, sing, watch videos, hear Bible stories and more!

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Bible Beach Preschool Church is for our 3 & 4 year old children. They have praise and worship, dancing, funny video clips that illustrate the message, crafts, and a solid Bible teaching geared for their age group.

What is required of the families of 4Below age children?
Once your family has decided that you would like Life Church to be your church, we ask that at least one member of the child’s household serve at least once a month.
Why is it important to serve in 4Below Ministries?
This is vital to continue to run 4Below in excellence.
Serving is a core value at Life Church.
When you serve it blesses those you serve and it blesses you too.
By serving you are also able to create new and lasting friendships with other families of Life Church.
It also strengthens your walk with Christ and your spiritual connection with your children when you serve in this ministry.
By the whole family being a part of 4Below, families begin to see what their children are taught and are able to incorporate it into the home. 
How can I become a 4Below Servant Leader Volunteer?
There is a sign up sheet on the information table in the sanctuary. We are currently looking for 4Below Servant Leader Volunteers who can commit to serving a regular rotation. All are background-checked and trained.
How old must I be to serve in 4Below?
We ask they 4Below servant leaders be at least 18 years old and 4Below Helpers be at least 13.
Do I have to have a child in 4Below to serve in 4Below?
No, as long as you want to have a great time with kids while pointing them to Jesus, we would love to have you serve with us!
What do I need to do to prepare for each service?
4Below prepares everything ahead of time so all our volunteers need to do is show up, engage with kids, and help them learn about Jesus!